ReviewsCompute-A-Color Arthmetic Learning System


William M. Bart, Ph.D. MN: “In my judgment, the Compute-A-Color system and its related block materials constitute one of the most innovative and enterprising array of integrated curricular materials for mathematics education in existence today. “

Esther Morrow, former resource teacher: “Compute-A-Color is a true system. Materials allow for self-discovery and self-correction as the child moves back and forth from concrete experiences to abstract understanding. Compute-A-Color is invaluable in this regard.”

Carol Zielinski, Career Teacher: The visual and tactile stimulation of the Tool Bucket numerals brings discovery, understanding, and improved attitude and self esteem. This was apparent when one child who seldom spoke drew a visitor to the Tool Bucket saying “Come here. I'll show you how it works.”

Lyelle Palmer, Ph.D. retired Winona State University : “Integrated is a descriptor that captures the essence of the Compute-A-Color math curriculum. Integrated curriculum means that one material serves to link and teach two or more concepts. This is uncommon in early childhood materials.”


Pat Darrell, testing teacher/coordinator

“Description: A control group was compared with an experimental group using CAC materials on pre and post tests for four objectives.

Reactions: Children quickly prepared themselves when told that the next activity would be ZINTO numerals. Children became excited during work periods and were eager to share discoveries.

Conclusions: The CAC experimental group showed more gains on each of the four objectives than the control group. CAC materials promote mathematics learning in the first grade classroom.

The Multiplier boards can be used effectively to stimulate more conceptual thinking, perhaps with cluster groups of advanced students.”
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